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I think many of the job listings out there are pretty boring. Here’s one I created for hiring developers on my team here in Atlanta in an attempt to stand out a bit:

I think the recruiting process for software talent sucks.

I cringe at these emails I get seeking 2 years of xyz and 5 years of m&m and … etc. I ignore them. Hiring based on acronyms and experience is misguided. Sometimes it’s the recruiter’s fault; sometimes it’s the hiring manager’s issue. These approaches are a cop-out. They indicate laziness to perform the due diligence required to find real talent.

I seek heart and talent, or as I like to put it: attitude and aptitude. Experience, skills, college degrees, and certifications are all indicators of talent, but are not the definition of one’s capability to contribute.

I’m looking to add a few *strong* software developers to our team. Our tech stacks are Ruby on Rails, and IOS. It’d be really cool if you had experience in one of them. But if you have a solid OOD foundation with great collaboration skills and the passion and drive to learn, keep reading.


+ Well-funded start-up
+ Ruby-on-rails/IOS technical environment
+ B2B automobile domain
+ Agile done right (not scrum or XP, but generic agile – including engineering practices)
+ Co-located team just north of the Perimeter
+ Great leadership
+ Fantastic team

We are agile through-and-through. Go through the XP Engineering practices. We practice them all. Think more Kanban than scrum. Think Lean Startup.

We believe in self-directed teams. With self-direction comes great responsibility.

We do a coding dojo every Friday afternoon. We feel it is important for developers to “sharpen the saw”.

You (not necessarily in this order):

+ Comfortable with ambiguity (we’re a startup)
+ Creative
+ Interested in and possess the communication skills necessary to be effective in pair programming
+ Interested in and possess the discipline to practice
++ TDD(RSpec, Kiwi)
++ BDD/ATDD (Cucumber, Frank)
+ Passionate about your craft. Really passionate.
+ Sense of humor
+ Very collaborative (with other devs, analysts, testers, management).
+ Courageous (per the XP values)
+ Strong object-oriented design/development skills
+ Smart: strong analytical and problem solving skills
+ Crave learning new things
+ reliable and professional
+ Probably have an active Github account and contribute to open source projects

Things I might hear that indicate this might not be a good fit:

– “I only do [back-end|front-end|Ruby|IOS|ETL]”
– “[VB|Cobol] rocks”
– “I love going to meetings”
– “My degree and certifications are proof that I am qualified to do this job”
– “Quality is the responsibility of the QA department”
– “I’d rather work alone.”
– “I’m fine, as long as every requirement is documented before I get started.”
– “Where’s my cubicle?”
– “Don’t ask me to do that. I’m a dev. That’s the job of the [Tester|Iteration Manager|management]”
– “I won’t submit a solution to a coding challenge. My resume speaks for itself”

Want to join a great team?

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