Weekly status – in an agile environment

I’ve been asked by clients in the past to provide weekly “status updates” on agile projects.

On one project, where we were using a sophisticated agile project management tool (Mingle), I simply sent a url within the tool to the current state of affairs – driven from the actual data. Piece of cake. Not sure the recipients were appreciative of my conveying “how to fish” vs. my sending them the fish. It was appropriate.

The agile manifesto suggests that we measure progress by “working code”. This extends to other organizational activities. For example, I coordinate most of the hiring for my team. I could send, in my weekly status, the number of interviews I did, or resumes I screened. But in the end, it’s not noteworthy. It’s simply activity. It’s justifying my existence. In the end the important point is: who did I hire.

I’m fortunate, in my current role, that my COO considers reporting “activity” as a waste of time. He wants to know what’s getting finished. He’s wiser than his years.

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