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Weekly status – in an agile environment

I’ve been asked by clients in the past to provide weekly “status updates” on agile projects. On one project, where we were using a sophisticated agile project management tool (Mingle), I simply sent a url within the tool to the … Continue reading

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Verbal Combat

And here is where the decision is made. Do I retreat to my established viewpoint? Do I dig in my heels? Or do I consider the alternative, offered by my combatant? And suffer the indignity of being judged wrong?

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Why Blog?

I recently had an extended conversation with a group of about 10 folks who lamented the poor understanding of the value their particular functional role brings to a software development team. One question I posed: how many of you blog … Continue reading

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Receiving Feedback

My last post on feedback was on giving constructive feedback. Here, I’ll focus on receiving feedback. In the question of feedback – what, where, when, why, and how – the receiver of the feedback may not have control over many … Continue reading

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Giving feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is difficult. Umm… well. That’s not exactly correct. Giving feedback is easy. Giving constructive feedback is difficult. For now, let’s focus on giving feedback In my team blog, I used the example of one of my … Continue reading

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What’s in a blog? Facts? Or Insights?

I recently viewed the blog of a colleague who was detailing a vacation he took. Much of the content was around the facts of the journey – the cab picked me up, the plane was late, etc. I get more … Continue reading

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Sausage Making

Otto von Bismarck – the “Iron Chancellor of Germany” in the 1800’s is said to have made this observation: “Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.” The comment suggests that the making of sausage … Continue reading

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Laser pointer token

It is sometimes challenging in standups to associate the card to which the speaker is referring to the conversation – particularly for infrequent guests. A low tech solution that I recently implemented for my teams is to use a laser … Continue reading

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