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Feedback continuum over Binary judgment

Almost everything in life lies on a continuum … not in binary states. For example: it’s a simplification to say that you’re either introverted or extroverted. More sophisticated Myers Briggs tests (and others) will give you an indication of the … Continue reading

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Positive Feedback

Good software engineers have an engineering mindset. We are problem-solvers. We also have a critical mindset. That is – we are more apt to identify flaws and fix them than to recognize success or progress. This penchant for critical analysis … Continue reading

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Feedback Manifesto

I have come to value Verbal, constructive feedback over written evaluationsMeasuring output over measuring inputFrank feedback from colleagues over speculative management judgmentReal-time, frequent feedback over periodic high-ceremony assessments Though the things on the right are commonplace and often dictated by … Continue reading

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