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Weekly status – in an agile environment

I’ve been asked by clients in the past to provide weekly “status updates” on agile projects. On one project, where we were using a sophisticated agile project management tool (Mingle), I simply sent a url within the tool to the … Continue reading

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Developers wanted

I think many of the job listings out there are pretty boring. Here’s one I created for hiring developers on my team here in Atlanta in an attempt to stand out a bit: I think the recruiting process for software … Continue reading

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Hiring an agile coach

A colleague of mine was once asked for help in creating a job description for an agile coach. One of the suggestions was “5 years of agile project management experience”. Though longevity is certainly helpful, it is not sufficient to … Continue reading

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The Joel test is antiquated

I recently stumbled upon references to the Joel test in job postings on the Stack Overflow Careers 2.0 website ( Joel Spolsky (one of the founders of Stack Exchange, the company that publishes Stack Overflow and Careers 2.0) published his … Continue reading

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Agile talent market

Do you have agile/lean running through your veins? I know of a couple of great companies seeking agile/lean talent. If you’re not into travel – perhaps you’ve been on the road and are looking to settle down, Lab49 has opportunities … Continue reading

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Just ran across a profile of an ex-colleague who had abbreviations following his name on a networking site. We should all be proud of our educational accomplishments and certifications, and they certainly hold a place in the job-search process. But … Continue reading

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