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Feedback continuum over Binary judgment

Almost everything in life lies on a continuum … not in binary states. For example: it’s a simplification to say that you’re either introverted or extroverted. More sophisticated Myers Briggs tests (and others) will give you an indication of the … Continue reading

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Truck Factor Mitigation

One of the strong selling points of pair programming is that knowledge of the code base, techniques, and domain are shared across multiple people. We joke that this reduces the “truck factor” for a team. Truck factor is the risk … Continue reading

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Politics at work

I just read The Five Dysfunctions of a Team on the plane this week. I saw an interesting interpretation of the term “politics” which intrigues me: “Politics is when people choose their words and actions based on how they want … Continue reading

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Developing Extreme Talent

Thanks to Jason Yip’s blog entry: On chess grandmasters and the expert mind for pointing me to this fascinating article – The Expert Mind: Studies of the mental processes of chess grandmasters have revealed clues to how people become experts … Continue reading

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Wanted: Software Development Leader

One thing led to another and there I was contemplating the job req for what I would look for in (and what I strive to be as) a software development leader. Experience:– Development experience – preferably within the last decade … Continue reading

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Top Chef Leadership

I’m becoming addicted to Bravo Network’s “Top Chef” show. OK, so I’m generally addicted to cooking shows, but have, heretofore, confined my addiction to the Food Network. I feel the role of a chef is a melding of cooking and … Continue reading

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Receiving Feedback

My last post on feedback was on giving constructive feedback. Here, I’ll focus on receiving feedback. In the question of feedback – what, where, when, why, and how – the receiver of the feedback may not have control over many … Continue reading

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Giving feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is difficult. Umm… well. That’s not exactly correct. Giving feedback is easy. Giving constructive feedback is difficult. For now, let’s focus on giving feedback In my team blog, I used the example of one of my … Continue reading

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Seeing how others see

I’m taking a Myers Briggs test right now. My whole team is taking the test this week. I learned alot from doing the test in grad school; it helped many of us adapt to our different approaches to working. But … Continue reading

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Growing People

I saw a great quote the other day referenced on a blog. I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s from the book “Powerful Project Leadership” and the quote is: “Managers use people to accomplish work; leaders use work to grow … Continue reading

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