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Feedback continuum over Binary judgment

Almost everything in life lies on a continuum … not in binary states. For example: it’s a simplification to say that you’re either introverted or extroverted. More sophisticated Myers Briggs tests (and others) will give you an indication of the … Continue reading

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Truck Factor Mitigation

One of the strong selling points of pair programming is that knowledge of the code base, techniques, and domain are shared across multiple people. We joke that this reduces the “truck factor” for a team. Truck factor is the risk … Continue reading

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No applause, just throw money

I have an aversion to the applause that occurs in some iteration showcases (aka sprint reviews) on agile teams. The showcases are the meetings at the end of an iteration where the team shows working software to project stakeholders. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Developing Extreme Talent

Thanks to Jason Yip’s blog entry: On chess grandmasters and the expert mind for pointing me to this fascinating article – The Expert Mind: Studies of the mental processes of chess grandmasters have revealed clues to how people become experts … Continue reading

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Good programmers: nature or nurture?

From where do good programmers sprout? Do they come from top-notch collegiate computer science programs? Do they stem from a gene correlated with good problem-solving abilities and ability to think in higher level abstractions? Where does the balance lie between … Continue reading

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Wanted: Software Development Leader

One thing led to another and there I was contemplating the job req for what I would look for in (and what I strive to be as) a software development leader. Experience:– Development experience – preferably within the last decade … Continue reading

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Agile Leadership and Typical Management Titles

I worked at a very big company as a software engineer for 15 years. When I began out of college, my title was “junior programmer”. The promotion path was well known. Perform at a level between barely satisfactory and outstanding … Continue reading

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