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Anti-If campaign

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Developing Extreme Talent

Thanks to Jason Yip’s blog entry: On chess grandmasters and the expert mind for pointing me to this fascinating article – The Expert Mind: Studies of the mental processes of chess grandmasters have revealed clues to how people become experts … Continue reading

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Good programmers: nature or nurture?

From where do good programmers sprout? Do they come from top-notch collegiate computer science programs? Do they stem from a gene correlated with good problem-solving abilities and ability to think in higher level abstractions? Where does the balance lie between … Continue reading

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Polyglot Programmers

Neal Ford from Thoughtworks has a good blog post on polyglot programmers. His argument is that single-language programmers are becoming a remnant of the past. To thrive in the IT environment of today, we should be open to using the … Continue reading

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