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The case against Chickens and Pigs

Schwaber and Beedle’s Scrum book introduces the pig and chicken fable to illustrate a point. It goes something like this: Chicken:Let’s start a restaurant! Pig:What would we call it? Chicken:Ham n’ Eggs! Pig: No thanks. I’d be committed, but you’d … Continue reading

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Iron Chef Retrospectives

I like cooking analogies to software. Lachlan Heasman recently posted a comparison between Iron Chef and scrum iterations. One missing component was the retrospective. It occurred to me that the chefs must do some sort of retrospective and that it … Continue reading

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Iteration Length

What’s the right iteration length? In Scrum, the recommendation is to start with thirty calendar days. From the Schwaber/Beetle book: section 3.6.3 Sprint Mechanics: “Sprints last for 30 calendar days” and “thirty days is an excellent compromise between competing pressures”. … Continue reading

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